DIY Tile Makeover

This time around we decided to do something a little more effort from our end. We followed this challenge called “Style with tile” on the internet, so we decided to give it a try. A side table used for storing charging cables finally is getting a makeover to be used as a side table in the living room. This table stayed with us for long because of its good wood quality and functionality. We wanted to try something different this time with the table. Tiling was something we really hadn’t done ever. We knew it’s going to be a little problematic for us, still we decided to give it a try.

Material sourcing is the toughest and the most important job in furniture upcycling. We generally end up going back to the very first option we selected. Women, I tell you!

While hunting for tiles for another furniture piece (which is yet to be finished), we came across this tile which beautifully blended with the décor of the living area where the side table was supposed to be kept. After a lot of discussion and finishing 2-3 cups of tea, we could finalize this tile. The initial idea was to use a pack of handmade paper tile creating some pattern, but then we picked up this single tile because it felt like a perfect match for the living room!

Once the tile was finalised, we decided the theme of the table. While deciding the colours, we also had to keep in the mind the interiors of the living room where the furniture is to be kept. I think it took us only a minute or so to decide the colour scheme. It goes likes Bright Gold- & Ivory white combination, as the tile had a lot of colours to make it bright.

Seeing the structure of the table we decided to pop up one element in the lower section too. So we decide to paint the drawer entirely golden.

After deciding the final look of the table, we geared ourselves for the material procurement. We finally decided on getting the Acrylic spray paint (this one dries in 12mins, isn’t that amazing?) along with the adhesive for tile pasting and margins for the table top.

The table top is of the size 13inch X 13.5inch. So we took a tile of 12inch X 12inch and wooden margins of half inch on each side.

We decided to do a quick keep-in-place-and-check-for-final-look. After placing the tile and margins together on the table top, we happened to learn that a gap was left. Now this is where the panic starts. We thought of a lot ideas, but the best we could do with this issue was to fill in with grout of the same colour. Hoping our ideas and thought turns into something we wanted the furniture to look like, we finally started working on it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Acrylic Spray Paints – Bright Gold & Ivory White
  • Tile – 12inch x 12inch
  • Wooden Margins – Half inch width
  • Varnish –Matt finish
  • Foam brushes
  • Adhesive (We used Loctite Rapid by Asian Paints)

So we started with cleaning the surface with a cloth. It is very important to make the surface smooth. Don’t forget to cover your mouth for protection against the poisonous gas from the spray can. Also, please keep in mind to do it (spraying) in an open space!

We started off by painting the table (without the drawer) with Ivory White spray paint. The key for a smooth finish is to spray from 6-12 inches away. After painting the table, we took the bright gold spray paint and painted the drawer and the margins.

The amazing thing was that the spray paint took lesser than even 12 minutes to dry out! First things first, we pasted margins with Fevi Bond (by Fevicol). Using the adhesive (we used Loctite Rapid by Asian Paints), paste the tile and let it dry for 10 minutes. We left the furniture as it is for a couple of hours to completely dry out and to seal the tile and margins in place.

After that, we prepared the grout by mixing the grout powder with the hardening solution (available at a local hardware store) to form a fine paste. Very carefully we poured the paste in the gaps and created a smooth surface. It takes 4-5 hrs for it to settle and dry completely.

After it dried out, we applied Decor Varnish (Matt finish) by Little Birdie to give it a protective coating. 2-3 top coats of the varnish should be applied. But make sure to let each layer dry completely between coats.

The table was finally done and boy, were we relieved! This experiment took 2 days to complete and a little more effort than others. But, in the end we were quite happy with the final result!


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