Fabric Decoupage Makeover

After a long time of fear to fail hidden behind procrastination, we finally decided to start with a very basic furniture piece “A round table”. It was a piece of furniture found mostly rotting in most of the Indian households. The table belonged to the few pieces of furniture my mom and dad bought right after their marriage approximately 30 years ago. The table now, was weak in strength, didn’t really match any of the modern furniture now present in the house and had been repainted several times with every whitewash session in the house, thus was kept mostly in the store room and was majorly being used to keep other useless stuff on it. But we just couldn’t seem to let go of it.

So we decided to give it a makeover. After considering a lot of things that could be done to the table, we finally decided to go forward with the fabric decoupage revamp since we had old fabric lying around in the house. The whole procedure took us only a few hours which included the drying time of the paint, the glue as well as the varnish.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 metre of fabric
  • Mod podge/ Decoupage glue
  • Enamel Paint/ Chalk Paint
  • 5 inch soft brush
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Clear decor varnish

The revamp process:

Since the table had been repainted several times and the new color we chose (grey) was dark, we didn’t have to prime the entire surface and we could easily start with just painting. We decided to not paint the top as it was going to be covered. We applied 2 coats of grey enamel paint on the bottom of the table as well as along the edge. It took roughly 2-3 hours for both the coats to dry up and allow us to work on the top.

After the paint had dried up, we took a square piece of the fabric a few inches larger than the table top. Apply a thick layer of decoupage glue/ Mod Podge on the tabletop with the help of a foam brush and lay out the fabric neatly on the top smoothening out any air bubbles. We used a kitchen wiper to smoothen out any air bubbles and to evenly spread out the fabric till the edges letting out any extra glue beneath the fabric.

When the decoupage glue is completely dry, use a X-Acto knife to work on the fabric at the edges trimming out all the extra fabric neatly along the edge of the table top. To seal the surface, we used clear water based decor varnish. Put 2-3 coats of the same. Make sure to let each layer dry completely between coats. Voila! The table is done!

The revamp didn’t consume a whole lot of time or materials. You can use any fabric that is easily available with you. For a first time project, it turned out pretty okay and we were really happy with it. We’d be sure to more upcycling projects from now on. We didn’t realize it was really that simple!


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