Restyling with Stencil

The projects this time were two similar end tables ready to be transformed to be kept in the living room. Seeing the size of the table we decided to do a little art on it. Since we were very keen on doing stencil painting, we decided the same for these two end tables. We did the same pattern on both the end tables.

One day while just looking around in Asian Paints Colour Store, we came across these stencils at a decent price. So according to the size we decided to go for the stencil named ‘DAMASK’.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stencil
  • Acrylic Spray Paint- Ivory white & Bright Gold
  • Varnish-Matt Finish
  • Foam brush

So the first thing to be done is to thoroughly clean the surface.  Apply 2 coats of ivory white acrylic spray paint on the base and table top. Make sure the paint is smooth enough on the table top. Make sure the first layer dries out before the second coat. After the paint completely dries, place the stencil centrally on the table top.

So initially the plan was to paint it with a roller brush. We went ahead with it. Much to our dismay, when we removed the stencil, the ivory paint came out along with the stencil.

We are getting used to things getting screwed up now and then somehow rectifying them. We thought of trying it with the spray paint this time. With a lot of enthusiasm, we re-sprayed the table with white colour and let the two coats dry. After the table drying out, centrally placing the stencil, we sprayed the table top with golden colour. Thankfully we ended up with a good result.

After an hour of it drying, we applied Decor Varnish (Matt finish) by Little Birdie to seal the surface. Put 2-3 coats of the same. Make sure to let each layer dry completely between coats. After the last varnish coat, leave the furniture untouched for a few hours to dry out completely. The stenciled tables are done! We repeated the same process for the other table as well. This was a really easy and pretty looking hack that can be done on any sort of existing furniture.


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